remix by steve jansen
featuring anja garbarek


i´m just a single unit
no stereo

no different though
the mix has changed

i have cancelled
all the pieces
that were meant to make me 

now there`s no room
to turn aroud

he wanted hands
that could do the job
with some finesse

thickly covered in frost
i juggle the wolves
and keep out of sight

i don`t want to spoil their

and i won`t call their name
when they leave....

i used to be
so beautifully printed

original text
on every page

but i cancelled
all the pieces
that were meant to make me.....


from Slope (2013 Deluxe Triple Disc Edition), released February 27, 2018
remix by steve jansen

music composed by steve jansen / lyrics & vocals by anja garbarek

anja garbarek: vocals
david sylvian: guitars
steve jansen: drums, electronic percussion, synths, sampled instruments

produced, arranged, engineered and mixed by steve jansen


all rights reserved


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