Ascent (Swimming In Qualia)

from Slope (2013 Deluxe Triple Disc Edition) by Steve Jansen



swimming in qualia was a commissioned soundtrack for a video installation by shoko ise. created over a period of months during mid to late 2007. this was a work in two parts for two projectors playing consecutively: ‘ascent’ - the main body of the composition, and ‘glimpse’ - a shorter, looping sequence. the installation was featured as part of the ‘still / alive’ exhibit of contemporary art and photography in japan held at the tokyo / metropolitan museum of photography from 22 december 2007 to 20 february 2008.


from Slope (2013 Deluxe Triple Disc Edition), released February 27, 2018
written, recorded and mixed by steve jansen at ‘the nest’, london.


all rights reserved


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